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Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals who are committed to finding the right solution for your needs

We aren’t Rebels because we resist change, we are Rebels because we don’t try to fit your needs into everyone else’s box

sarah olmstead working the phones

Sarah Olmstead

President and COO

Sarah is President and COO of Rebel Logistics Service. Her experience started at her father’s freight transportation company in 1999. She was hired on to help as a part-time office clerk. This summer “job”, little did she realize, was the beginning of an exciting, rollercoaster ride of a career with trials and tribulations around every corner.

During this time, she had the unique opportunity to be involved in many different modes of freight transport. Not only did she oversee a fleet of 45+ owner operators and hundreds of vendors, but she handled time sensitive air charters, specialized heavy haul loads, hot shots, hazmat, LTL and final mile deliveries. The customer portfolio came with contracts of all shapes and sizes from utility and nuclear companies, part manufacturers, bulk mail distributors, a hotel supply company and several retailers. “There was no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution in our world. Each customer required something different and it was our goal to ensure it was executed properly and at a fair cost.”

In 2016, Sarah decided it was time to take a leap. She realized this was an opportune time to establish a business identity that would solely focus on a niche service, one that was rapidly gaining popularity across the country… mile delivery service. The service would focus on cross dock and pool distribution with final mile service to retail store locations. “I wanted to avoid the spider web of services that most freight transportation companies get caught up in. They offer so many services that it can be very overwhelming for a customer. You eliminate the confusion when you focus on the main necessity by completing the final mile delivery timely, accurately and with little to no impact on the customer. Everything else just becomes a support function.”

And so, Rebel Logistics Service was established.

Karestin olmstead working the phones


Ops Manager

Karestin is the Operation Lead for Rebel Logistics. She joined Rebel Logistics in April of 2018 as a part-time administrative assistance. Her experience comes with 6 years in the customer service industry where she focused on customer needs, expectations, satisfaction and resolutions – all key items for a successful customer relationship.

Upon starting at Rebel, her main function was to audit and file freight bills. After just 5 months, she was offered the full-time position in operations and then within 6 months she took the title of Operations Lead, where she has continued to excel.

Karestin manages all daily operations and ensures all members of the team are maintaining their responsibilities. She is the liaison between customers and partner locations to ensure the lines of communication stay open and information is provided timely and accurately. She oversees the weekly delivery schedules, communicates with the customer and oversees the freight bill auditing. She has an impressive 99.37% accuracy rate on auditing which, ultimately, reduces cost for the customer.

“When I was approached with this job opportunity, I was cautiously optimistic. I’ve gained so much experience. We have so much to look forward to in the future. Our possibilities are endless.”

Why We Do It..

Customers deserve the best end-to-end solutions

Rebel Logistics Service has been in the making for over 40 years. A generational quest for a company where the customer and service provider work together through collaboration, shared outcomes, values, and purpose. This quest is becoming a reality and despite all the obstacles, Rebel Logistics Service is becoming a leader in Retail Final Mile.

There are truisms in logistics and regardless of rapid changes in technology, industry consolidation, educational advancements, artificial intelligence, and globalization, product still needs to move efficiently and cost effectively. As a specialty provider, Rebel Logistics Service is your provider for Retail Supply Chain Solutions, PERIOD. Our investment in people, training, commitment, and sustainability will lead the way to the success.