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When there’s a fork in the road, a Rebel forges a new path

We are 40 years in the making, built with a rebellious spirit, grounded with a single purpose: meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. The journey with Rebel will provide service options focused around your needs, not ours.

cross dock

cost effective & business friendly

Rebel Logistics Service offers cross-docking for our customers. Cross-docking is a vital asset in reducing labor costs and increasing speed to market for the customer. It allows the customer to utilize the total volume in a line haul and eliminates the need to build pallets that are final mile friendly. Utilizing a cross dock operation will keep your delivery schedule consistent while speeding up your outbound process



better than traditional methods

The objective of many retailers is to improve their delivery model. Partner with Rebel Logistics Service to centralize and reduce cost of store delivery

Rebel leads the way with final mile store delivery:

  • Low impact at the store
  • Claims-free
  • On-time

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Final Mile

Your Customized Road Map

We know where the rubber meets the road. The supply chain is a constant cycle. Any delay in product-to-shelf is a loss in profit. If your goods are not on the shelf in a timely manner, all efforts will be in vain. Rebel Logistics will create a customized plan for your supply chain to lower cost and increase speed to market. With locations across the U.S., we can help your supply chain get on the right route. We have location solutions in many parts of the country.



Rebel Integrated

Technology and software are no longer “value added” components but expected within the supply chain. Many retailers use proprietary software to manage the movement of goods and services from the very first touch to the customers hand. Within this technology, retailers better plan and view goods through the pipeline and Rebel supports this transparency by working with the customer. Advance shipping and staged inventory is crucial to ensure a constant flow of product into the cross dock and into your stores. This method works with your inventory teams to manage the ebb and flow of seasonal volumes and works with min and max parameters to assist the store in handling your volumes. FIFO or LIFO can be utilized to manage product for a more customized pull.

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