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Rebel Logistics is a trusted third-party logistics provider that offers a comprehensive suite of services, empowering retail businesses of all sizes streamline their supply chains and optimize their operations. We provide an array of retail logistics solutions such as pool distribution, cross docking, final mile delivery, and more. Explore our extensive list of services below to discover how we can help you optimize your supply chain.


Cross Dock

Cross-docking accelerates logistics by transferring goods directly from inbound to outbound transport, reducing storage time and handling costs efficiently.


Pool Distribution

Pool distribution consolidates shipments from multiple suppliers for shared delivery, optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing overall supply chain performance.


Final Mile

Final mile is the ultimate segment of delivery, managing the transportation of goods from distribution centers to end consumers, prioritizing speed and customer satisfaction.


Retail Logistics

Retail logistics manages the flow of goods from suppliers to stores, optimizing inventory, distribution, and delivery processes for efficient retail operations.

Why Choose Us

Your Rebellious Partner in Retail Operations

At Rebel Logistics, we're not your average third-party logistics provider. We're a team of supply chain rebels who are passionate about helping businesses optimize their retail operations and cut costs doing it. We'll dive deep into your unique data and delivery requirements to uncover hidden opportunities and craft a customized solution that will transform your retail logistics. Join the ranks of industry-leading retailers who have revolutionized their operations with Rebel Logistics!

Go 2 Rebel

Where the rubber meets the road

Rebel Logistics Service has been in the making for over 40 years. A generational quest for a company where the customer and service provider work together through collaboration, shared outcomes, values, and purpose. This quest is becoming a reality and despite all the obstacles, Rebel Logistics Service is becoming a leader in Retail Final Mile.

Rebel B2B Business Model

In today's complex supply chain landscape, every third-party logistics (3PL) provider touts "value-added" services, promising optimal warehousing, top-notch drivers, or cutting-edge technology. However, these are no longer luxuries; they're essentials for our industry. At Rebel Logistics, we cut through the noise with our 'back 2 basics' business model. The Rebel B2B mentality emphasizes the fundamentals of exceptional supply chain management, timely and accurate information, and unwavering service flexibility.

Join the Rebellion and discover how our approach and dedication will transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

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