Do You Ask the Right Questions for a Successful Logistics RFP?

Rebel Logistics asks retailers the hard questions most people avoid before price is discussed. Here are some questions that must be asked to retailers regarding their pool and cross dock initiatives to ensure accuracy during reviews of service, or a logistics RFP.


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1) What are your expectations?

What are your expectations for line haul, induction, sort, segregate, scan, build out, delivery schedule, delivery interruptions, paperwork requirements, and exceptions? These questions are crucial for ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your logistics RFP process.


2) How accurate is your logistics RFP information?

Have there been any changes in data, interruptions in supply chain, changes in operational procedures, changes in delivery strategy, administrative requirements based on gov’t regulations or proposed initiatives impacting social outcomes?

RFP: Request for Proposal. Businesses use RFPs to gather bids from logistics providers. Learn how to write an effective RFP!


3) Why Bid on a Pool Distribution and Cross Dock Logistics RFP?

Are you benchmarking, leveraging negotiations, addressing service or claims issues, or seeking lower costs? What is your biggest pain point with your current provider(s)? Understanding the motivations behind issuing a logistics RFP can help tailor the proposals to better meet your needs. It’s crucial to communicate your expectations clearly, whether you’re looking for improved service levels, better cost efficiency, or more robust claims management. Additionally, identifying your key pain points allows potential providers to offer targeted solutions that address specific challenges, ensuring a more effective partnership.


4) What Are Your Concerns?

Are there any concerns on the horizon that will impact volume, delivery days, or delivery methods? Do you really want to co-load with another retailer? Will proposals to improve efficiency be welcomed?


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5) Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Software and audit providers impact payments and terms. Tell me about your audit, approval, and payment terms. EDI, Web-based, and proprietary software add cost to service, can we access these costs?


6) Read the contract

Understand the obligations of both parties, how KPI’s are compiled, and review the T&Cs of the contract.


You can count on Rebel to ask these and many other questions. If your pooler is not asking the hard questions, how will you handle the fallout of repricing, scheduling changes, claims, shortages, and other unexpected topics?  Rebel Logistics is Retail. for a deep understanding of “Back 2 Basics.”


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